Over the last few years we have expanded our yard facility to enable us to recycle as much of the waste we produce as possible in line with our environmental policy.

We have entered into partnerships with the following organisations to ensure we maintain this commitment:

All our waste paper, cardboard and plastic is donated for recycling to British Waterways via Recovery Group (North West) – www.wrgnw.org.uk.

All our soil is sent to Fairfield Materials Management – www.fairfieldcompost.co.uk All our scrap timber is sent to TRIM Timber Recycling – www.timberrecycling.org

It is DH Welton’s policy to reduce the waste sent to landfill by 10% per year.  To date DH Welton have reduced their landfill requirements by approximately 45% within a six month period.

Our fleet of leased vehicles are exchanged every 3 years to ensure they run as environmentally efficiently as possible.